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Aviva Quantum Podcasts

Quantum is Aviva's data science practice, led by Dr Orlando Machado. Quantum have partnered the University of Cambridge, collaborating with some of their best minds on a variety of research projects. The latest Quantum podcasts are linked below. The full selection of Aviva podcasts can be found on Sound Cloud.


Quantum Ep5 – Understanding Cognitive Reserve to Improve Resilience to Dementia

In this episode Jon Simons, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, and Simon Warsop, Life Analytics Director at Aviva talk about dementia and how the concept of "cognitive reserve" has the potential to explain why some people are more resilient to it than others.

Quantum Ep4 - Data and the fight against Coronavirus

In this next episode of our data science series, you can hear from Anna Vignoles, Economist and Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, and Orlando Machado, Chief Data Scientist for Quantum, Aviva's Data Science Practice. In this podcast they discuss how different types of data are being used in the fight against Coronavirus, and how predicting what will happen in a global pandemic can never be an exact science.

Quantum Ep3 - Why do algorithms discriminate? 

Algorithms are biased. They don't mean to be, but they are a product of the people who created them. And we all have biases. But we can better understand these biases and make the world would be a much fairer place. So that is the problem Michelle Lee is trying to solve. In this podcast, Ben Moss and Orlando Machado, Chief Data Scientist at Aviva, are back at Cambridge University to find out more about Michelle's work.

Quantum Ep2 – Can data predict dementia?

In this episode you can meet PhD student Helena Gellersen who is trying to answer, can data help us to better understand which factors influence the onset of dementia?

Quantum Ep1 – Dr Orlando Machado will see you now

In this episode you can meet Orlando, find out more about Quantum, and have an introduction to the work they're doing to make an impact on Aviva’s customers and broader society. 

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