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This page lists C2D3 events, University events, as well as related external conferences and events of interest to our members.

C2D3 event
Tuesday, 31 August 2021, 9.00am to Tuesday, 28 September 2021, 6.00pm

Course introduction 

Process Mining has revolutionized the way we analyze and optimize processes in business. Performance Problems traditionally caused long-winded manual investigations into the underlying business process looking at interview data, observations or deciphering process documentations. All of these traditional methods are time and cost consuming and only provide fractional insights. Process Mining uses a data-science approach to process science making analyses more objective, detailed and faster to obtain. 

External event
Monday, 6 September 2021, 9.00am to Friday, 24 September 2021, 5.00pm

The Alan Turing Institute

External event
Monday, 13 September 2021, 10.00am to 5.00pm

The Alan Turing Institute

This conference brings together prominent academics and key players in the field of digital identity from government and industry sectors to focus on opportunities in the assessment and development of trustworthy digital identity systems.

University of Cambridge event
Wednesday, 29 September 2021, 2.00pm to 5.30pm

Cambridge Innovation Capital

An intensive afternoon featuring case studies and building around a ‘tasting menu’ of ideas and expertise, culminating with an opportunity to meet the experts in person for conversation and networking over refreshments, this in-person event is a fantastic opportunity to hear from those who’ve done it and those who can help you to do it too.

The event features: