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Data protection and privacy

Data protection and privacy


This page explains what personal information we gather when you visit this web site.

Who will process my personal information?

The information published here applies to the use of your personal information (also known as 'personal data') by the University of Cambridge through the viewing or use of this site.

General personal information collected on our websites

When you visit any of the websites within the Cambridge domain we hold certain information about you for service and security reasons. For more information on this, please see


Information you provide to us will be held by C2D3, part of the University of Cambridge, under the same terms as above. We may wish to process your personal information in connection with a variety of public relations activities which may include sending publicity information to you with regards to upcoming events or sponsorship opportunities. If you do not wish for your personal data to be used in this way, then please let us know by sending an email to with the subject line as 'Opt-Out'. We will not share your information with third parties.

Further information

For more information about how we handle your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation, please see


Google Analytics

This site uses cookies, and the cookies from Google Analytics have already been set. If you do not agree to this site setting cookies on your computer then please exit the site and remove any cookies that may already have been set: How to delete cookies(link is external) (

This website uses Google Analytics which provides us with statistical information about how people use our website; for example the pages visited, the length of time spent on each page, whether visitors are new or returning and what site referred the visitor to our website. We use this information to help improve our website. Your IP address is anonymised before data is sent, and we do not share visitor information with any other Google services. Google analytics sets the following cookies:

_ga is used to determine the current visitor session
Expires: 2 years after being set

_gat is used to throttle request rate
Expires: 10 minutes after being set

_gid is used to distinguish users
Expires: 24 hours after being set

More information about these cookies is available on the Google Analytics(link is external) website.


The contact form on this website uses Google's reCAPTCHA service to reduce spam submissions. This page will use additional cookies and storage set by the domain. The reCAPTCHA window on the contact form contains links to find out more about Google's privacy policy and terms.


The Twitter embed we use on our website may also set cookies or utilize your browser's local storage. The embed does not set cookies until you have interacted with links on it. For more information please refer to Twitter's cookies policy.

Our website

We set a couple of other cookies to enhance your user experience, and support the normal operation of the website.

cookie-agreed stores that you have agreed to cookies being set on your computer.
Expires: 1 year after being set

has_js stores whether your browser supports JavaScript, to enhance the website's user experience.
Expires: end of session

Our emails to you

If you are subscribed to our newsletter we will send you emails occasionally with information which we think will be relevant and interesting for you. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the links in the footers of our emails. We gather statistics about email opens and clicks using industry-standard technologies, including tracking pixels, to help us monitor popular content and improve the content of our emails.

About us

The Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery (C2D3) brings together researchers and expertise from across the academic departments and industry to drive research into the analysis, understanding and use of data science and AI. C2D3 is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge.

  • Supports and connects the growing data science and AI research community 
  • Builds research capacity in data science and AI to tackle complex issues 
  • Drives new research challenges through collaborative research projects 
  • Promotes and provides opportunities for knowledge transfer 
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