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The Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery (C2D3) brings together researchers and expertise from across the academic departments and industry to drive research into the analysis, understanding and use of data science and AI. C2D3 is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge.

The Centre is jointly funded by the University of Cambridge and a series of collaborations with partners in business, industry and Charities which have an interest in using data science and AI for the benefit of their customers and their organisations. We work with industrial partners to build a portfolio of collaborative research projects, provide professional development opportunities for their own staff and access to the full breadth and depth of the University’s talent pool in the area of data science.

With unprecedented access to increasing volumes of data, our research ranges from the underlying fundamentals in mathematics and computer science, to data science applications across all six University Schools of Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology.

In parallel, our research addresses important issues around law, ethics and economics, in order to apply data science to solve challenging problems for society.

C2D3 supports collaboration and knowledge transfer in this growing field.

What C2D3 does 

  • Supports and connects the growing data science and AI research community 
  • Builds research capacity in data science and AI to tackle complex issues 
  • Drives new research challenges through collaborative research projects 
  • Promotes and provides opportunities for knowledge transfer 
  • Identifies and provides training courses for students, academics, industry and the third sector 
  • Serves as a gateway for external organisations 

Our activities

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History of C2D3

Cambridge Big Data (CBD) was founded in 2013 as one of the University’s Strategic Research Initiatives. CBD formed a large network of researchers and academics at the University and beyond. Interdisciplinary big data conferences, training courses and workshops were hosted and sponsored by CBD which facilitated teaching, learning and research in this growing field.

In 2019, CBD advanced to become an Interdisciplinary Research Centre and was renamed to Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery (C2D3). The change of name better reflected the wide network and diverse applications of research beyond the term big data, to provide an intellectual space for the University to apply data science to real world problems by working alongside Industry leaders.

New data science centre

Press release for the establishment of C2D3​

'Cambridge establishes new centre for data science...', read the full press release here.

Data IQ article

C2D3 featured in dataIQ

'By creating C2D3, it becomes possible to run projects at scale, drawing in other collaborators and leveraging a high-performance computing tech stack.' Full article.