Co-Directors of the MPhil in Computational Biology   

Mathematical Genomics and Medicine PhD programme Director


Stakeholder Group

  • Marilou Boddé (MGM PhD programme rep.)
  • James Day (Computational Biology MPhil rep.)
  • Rob Finn (EMBL-EBI)
  • Diana Fusco (Cavendish)
  • Stephen Eglen (C2D3 Computational Biology; DAMTP)
  • Hong Ge (Engineering)
  • Henrik Jonsson (Sainsbury Laboratory)
  • Alexandre Kabla (Engineering)
  • Kathryn Lilley (Biochemistry)
  • Pietro Lio' (Computer Laboratory)
  • Florian Markowetz (CRUK Cambridge Institute)
  • Gos Micklem (C2D3 Computational Biology; DAMTP; Genetics) - Chair
  • Nikolina Nakic (GSK)
  • Kiran Patil (MRC Toxicology)
  • Alan Robinson (MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit)
  • Michele Vendruscolo (Chemistry)
  • Chris Wallace (Medicine; MRC Biostatistics Unit)

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Prof. Sir John Aston (DPMMS) - Chair
  • Prof. Sarah Bohndiek (CRUK; Physics)
  • Dr Ben Sidders (AstraZeneca)
  • Prof. Stephen Eglen (C2D3 Computational Biology; DAMTP)
  • Prof. Zoubin Ghahramani FRS (Engineering)
  • Prof. Bertie Gottgens (CIMR; Haematology; Stem Cell Institute)
  • Dr Wolfgang Huber (EMBL)
  • Dr Matt Hurles FRS (Welcome Sanger Institute)
  • Dr James Locke (Physics; SLCU)
  • Prof. Gos Micklem (C2D3 Computational Biology; DAMTP; Genetics)
  • Dr Philippe Sanseau (GlaxoSmithKline)  

About us

The Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery (C2D3) brings together researchers and expertise from across the academic departments and industry to drive research into the analysis, understanding and use of data science and AI. C2D3 is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge.

  • Supports and connects the growing data science and AI research community 
  • Builds research capacity in data science and AI to tackle complex issues 
  • Drives new research challenges through collaborative research projects 
  • Promotes and provides opportunities for knowledge transfer 
  • Identifies and provides training courses for students, academics, industry and the third sector 
  • Serves as a gateway for external organisations 

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