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Celonis-C2D3 webinar: Telling the Story behind the Data - Data-Driven Discovery for Processes

Monday, 22 June 2020, 11.00am to 12.30pm
Location: Zoom webinar

Celonis-C2D3 webinar with Angela-Sophia Gebert, Academic Alliance Manager

Imagine you were able to tell the story behind data patterns and trends. 

Process Management deals with the analysis of organizational processes to understand what has happened when. However, Process Management was traditionally stuck with assumption, models and qualitative insights rather than quantifiable results. Process Mining is the first data-driven approach to discover processes based on digital footprints in IT systems. It uses sequential analysis of activities over time to visualize bottlenecks and deviations for anything from regular business processes to social networks analyses and can even serve as a visualization tool for temporal analysis within e.g. clinical medicine, linguistics or biology. 

With its academic DNA Process Mining, Celonis has not only turned into a budding research field but also transformed the way companies such as BMW, Vodafone or Unilever operate. The talk will cover an introduction to Process Mining both from an academic and applied perspective, its application as a data-driven discovery tool today as well as a hands-on case study in the software. The topics of ethics and privacy in Process Mining will also be discussed, followed by an opportunity for a Q&A session with the speaker and insights into the unicorn story of Celonis. 


Join us for the webinar here

This event is only available to: 

  • University of Cambridge Staff and Students
  • Aviva Staff (C2D3 Industry Partner)

C2D3 Network Members 

The webinar session will be recorded. If you are unable to attend the session but would like to watch the webinar at a later date, the recording will be made available for C2D3 Network Members.



Angela-Sophia Gebert works as Academic Alliance Manager at Celonis, where she helped to build up the global education and research programme with a particular focus on bringing Process Mining technology to the UK academic world and science communication. She graduated in Linguistics, Psychology and Economics from the University of Oxford and LMU Munich. Prior to joining Celonis Angela has worked in the financial services and consulting industry for Savills Investment Management and Bain & Company. Since then she has given over 50 guest talks and workshops on Process Mining. 

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