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Interpretability, safety, and security in AI

Monday, 13 December 2021, 10.00am to Wednesday, 15 December 2021, 6.00pm

The Alan Turing Institute

This conference - organised under the auspices of the Isaac Newton Institute “Mathematics of Deep Learning” Programme — brings together leading researchers along with other stakeholders in industry and society to discuss issues surrounding trustworthy artificial intelligence.

This conference will overview the state-of-the-art within the wide area of trustworthy artificial intelligence including machine learning accountability, fairness, privacy, and safety; it will  overview emerging directions in trustworthy artificial intelligence, and engage with academia, industry, policy makers, and the wider public.

The conference consists of two parts:

1) Academic-oriented event - Monday 13 December (10:00 - 16:45 GMT)

2) Public-oriented event - Tuesday 14 - Wednesday 15 December (12:00 - 18:00 GMT)

Interpretability, safety, and security in AI | The Alan Turing Institute