Celonis and Academic Alliance

Celonis are experts in process mining whose customers are major global organisations such as Unileveer, Coca Cola or BMW. Celonis helps organizations track organizations' internal processes applying process mining technology as well as different AI and ML capabilities to reveal internal organization processes and problems and to provide direct recommendations. Between 2020 and 2021 C2D3 worked with Celonis' Academic Alliance team to deliver bespoke seminars and masterclasses to students and industry, government, and third sector interested in data science and its impact on business.


Collaborative Activities

Masterclass: Data-Driven Management & Digital Consulting 

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Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery and Celonis partnred with the LSE Digital Skills Lab and the LSE Data Science Institute to deliver a masterclass covering Digital Transformation and Data Driven Management. Students and industry partners at the masterclass learned new insights into how process-oriented data science can facilitate an analytical viewpoint internally in an organization, gaining business user skills, learning to use the Celonis software and using it in a management and management consulting context.


Webinar: Academic Alliance (Celonis)-C2D3 

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The talk covered an introduction to Process Mining both from an academic and applied perspective, its application as a data-driven discovery tool today as well as a hands-on case study in the software. The topics of ethics and privacy in Process Mining will also be discussed, followed by an opportunity for a Q&A session with the speaker and insights into the unicorn story of Celonis. 


Training course: Applied Process Mining for Management

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This course was designed to provide an applied introduction to Process Mining, its industry use cases and the theoretical concepts behind it. The course furthermore delivers advanced software skills in the Celonis Execution Management Software.  

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