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Tracking changes in the ‘soundscape’ – as Dr Sarab Sethi calls it – is at the heart of his pioneering approach to monitoring biodiversity.


C2D3 are delighted to announce the winners of the Early Career Researcher Seed Fund for 2022! 

The aim of the grants was to provide a step towards an independent research career with applications focusing on cross-disciplinary data science or AI. The calibre of applicants was high and C2D3 were able to award five Early Career Researchers with £2000 grants each. 

Activities funded by the grants include student internships, workshops and seminars, and establishing an expert network. The researchers will complete their projects by January 2023. 


The University of Cambridge today launches a new research centre dedicated to exploring the possibilities of a world shared by both humans and machines with artificial intelligence (AI).

The Centre for Human-Inspired Artificial Intelligence (CHIA) brings together researchers from engineering and mathematics, philosophy and social sciences; a broad range of disciplines to investigate how human and machine intelligence can be combined in technologies that best contribute to social and global progress.


Work at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence will aim to prevent the embedding of existing inequalities – from gender to class and race – in emerging technologies.  

Artificial intelligence is transforming society as algorithms increasingly dictate access to jobs and insurance, justice, medical treatments, as well as our daily interactions with friends and family. 


"Cambridge's Institute of Computing for Climate Science (ICCS) will apply its existing expertise in climate sciences and artificial intelligence with the research teams from Schmidt Futures’ Virtual Earth Systems Research Institute (VESRI) to address the specific computation and research software needs in the area of climate modelling."

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