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'Scores of Scores': Possibilities and Pitfalls with Musical Corpora

Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 9.00am to 5.00pm
Location: The Maxwell Centre, Cavendish Laboratory, JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge, CB3 0HE

Organisation Committee:

Mark Gotham, Ian Cross (Faculty of Music)
Michael Simmons (Cambridge Big Data)
Anne Alexander, John Rink (Cambridge Digital Humanities)


Welcome to ‘Scores of Scores’: an event with a difference that combines elements of a conference, workshop, hackathon, and ‘encodathon’.

The unusual format is designed to bring academia, industry, and the public together in order to connect people, promote a lively dialogue, and set the future direction for musical corpus creation and uses.

Everyone is welcome, and the event is free, though spaces are limited and registration is essential.



In advance

A major ‘Encodathon’ is taking place to ‘liberate’ a new corpus of Romantic Songs for release on OpenScore through their CC0 license. For more details see:


Monday 18th June

Afternoon Informal meet up for those already in town.  A chance to discuss initial hackathon ideas.  The Maxwell Centre, Cavendish Laboratory, JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge, CB3 0HE

Reception, Lieder Recital, and Formal release of the corpus. Fellows’ Drawing Room at Murray Edwards College 18:00 - 19:00.  Admission is free.  Refreshments will be served.


Tuesday 19th June

08:30 Registration
09:30 Introduction, welcome and hackathon pitches

Student Presentations:

Erin Barnard

Joshua Ballance


(rooms available)



Workshop - Demonstration 1:

Tim Crawford

'Software of the musicologist’s DREAMS: Digitise, Recognise, Encode, Annotate Metadata and Search’


Morning Tea and Coffee


Workshop - Demonstration 2:

Kevin Page and David Lewis

'Digital annotation of live performance: toolkits and practical experiences, from Wagner to Delius'


Research Presentation 1:

Matthias Röder

'Enhancing Scores with Performance and Emotion Data'

13:00 Lunch

Workshop - Demonstration 3:

Ryaan Ahmed


Research Presentation 2:

Leigh VanHandel

'Ask a theorist: historically informed corpus studies'

16:00 Afternoon Tea and Coffee

Research Presentation 3:

Michael Scott Cuthbert

'Imperfect Musicology'


Mark Gotham

'Cut Outs': Tailored Music Theory Exercises for All

Hackathon Presentations

Final Receptio


Prof Tim Crawford (Goldsmiths University of London)

Dr Kevin Page (Oxford e-Research Centre)

David Lewis (Oxford e-Research Centre)

Prof Leigh VanHandel (Michigan State University College of Music)

Michael Scott Cuthbert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Dr Mark Gotham (Faculty of Music)

Dr Matthias Röder (Karajan Institute)

Ryaan Ahmed



The deadline for Registration has now passed.

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This event is jointly organised by the Cambridge Big Data Strategic Research InitiativeCambridge Digital Humanities Network and the Faculty of Music with support from the Isaac Newton Trust.


Cambridge Big Data
Cambridge Digital Humanities Network
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Isaac Newton Trust
Murray Edwards College
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