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Join C2D3: Turing University Liaison Manager and Research Centre Coordinator (Fixed Term)

Closing date: 
Thursday, 27 January 2022

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

We are seeking to appoint a Turing University Liaison Manager (ULM) and Research Centre Coordinator to join the Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery (C2D3), in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. C2D3 is an IRC (Interdisciplinary Research Centre) for cross-school activities in the thematic areas of data science and AI. The role is split with the ULM seconded to the Alan Turing Institute (the Turing) and the Research Centre Coordinator working with the Institute for Neuroscience (IfN).

The Institute for Neuroscience (IfN) focuses on cross-disciplinary research in neuroscience. The research vision of IfN focuses on fundamental and translational AI for understanding biological systems, complementing the work of C2D3 and the University's relationship with the Turing.

The IfN funds PhD at the interface of biological and computational sciences and postgraduate programmes, and creates opportunities for networking and training and these efforts are the responsibility of the IfN Coordinator.

The University Liaison Manager will support the senior leaders of the Turing and university stakeholders to develop effective administrative and research relationships; support Turing-affiliated research and activities; facilitate the smooth running of the partner institution's internal calls for Turing fellowships and other awards; liaise, in collaboration with appropriate staff at the partner university and the Turing, with potential stakeholders interested in working in collaboration with the partner university and the Turing.

The post holder will support Turing staff by advising on university policies, structures and procedures; helping to communicate Turing priorities, expectations, developments and requests within the partner institution; working with university staff to facilitate Turing-led activities involving the partner university; being a local contact point for enquiries and advice. The post holder will also be expected to work closely with colleagues from across the partner university's administration, departments, faculties, schools and colleges to ensure a joined-up approach to supporting researchers and maintain local awareness of developments at the Turing.

The IfN Coordinator's role is to organise, manage and deliver the activities of the IfN at the University of Cambridge and capitalise on its expertise in neuroscience and AI. The role holder is expected to continue the development of the IfN with a greater focus on AI, within Cambridge Neuroscience and across the University, by fostering new relationships, developing cross-cutting projects and opportunities for networking, collaboration and training.

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