Ms Diana Scarborough

Associated Artist-Engineer (CEng, MA, BA, BSc) with British Antarctic Survey, Dept.of Chemical Engineering and BioTechnology in Cambridge and the School of Music at the Australian National University in Canberra. For more:-

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29 Alpha Terrace
United Kingdom


I collaborate with leading scientists, researchers and leading creatives nationally and internationally visualising See website for details.
I delve into science to make new meanings, interactions and visualisations. I highlight ecological degradation, intending works to be a catalyst for exploring climate change issues and nuancing behaviour towards a less impactful planetary coexistenceI am curious and fascinated by the unseen and reveal them by creating art-science projects using sound, video, data and dance as a palette. My current passions are data of space weather, the circular economy and nanoparticle behaviour from a perspective of aesthetics, green science, data and in/visibility.

Research interests

Big data, space weather data, climate change, PM2.5 , data visualisation, nanoparticle behaviour, quantum modelling and transformation

I create multidiscipline art-science-research teams to explore and discuss and disseminate ideas and research intending to promote out of the box thinking, new solutions and explore exciting methods of disseminating information. A key part of my freelance practice is creative engagement (IMPACT, Workshops, Public Art, Lectures, social media and online presence ). The art-science work created is through collaboration.


Data science


Aurora Musicalis is one of 80 works selected for an online DIGITAL exhibition ‘Ecoconsciousness ‘. See page 11.

Turning Sounds of Space into Art , A&G journal :

For more, please refer to: artist website.BLOG -

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